'Property Rent Lite' is an app to manage rental properties in which caters specific requirements and needs according to individuals.

With this app you can keep track of your rentals and generate receipts. Generated receipts will be exported as Word document. As for listing, it wil be exported to Excel document,

You can create a property and its respective details for easy reference. You can store their contact details in the app and set how long does the properly rental contract last between you and your tenants.

Some notes on encounters/experiences may be added in however, it may or may not be applicable depending on your environment. But it may be worth to consider some.

For receipts, this app only generate in A5 size document which is half of A4 paper. Once generated and exported in Word document, you can add in your own watermarked by yourself manually or print in A5 paper. Otherwise, in order to save paper, you can save it in PDF and send it to your tenant to save trees. (Personal opinion: You may need to learn about secured PDF. That is to save and protect a PDF file so that others cannot edit it as an extra precaution.)

Please read our terms of use and privacy policy.

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Hope you like this app thank you.

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Terms of Use:

By using 'Property Rent Lite' app directly or indirectly, you have agreed to accept the following terms, which may be updated at anytime and without prior notice:

The providers, owners and creators of 'Property Rent Lite' app cannot be held responsible for ANY losses, whether direct or indirect, resulting from this software.

'Property Rent Lite' app is to manage rental properties that are under an individuals or for other use depending on individuals. Users will able to create owners and tenants details and then assign them to the property. With this, from the property with renting status, user will able to generate deposit and monthly rental receipts in softcopy.

The 'Property Rent Lite' is only manages data about property rentals and it may contains some info about possible encounters/experiences/personal opinions, however, it does not represent a recommendation, suggestion, advice or consultation.

By downloading 'Property Rent Lite', you will have released and discharged the providers, owners and creators from any and all liability which may arise.

Privacy Policy:

'Property Rent Lite' is build as a paid app. This app is provided 'As Is'.

This app collects inputted data and preferences by users to save within the device itself. All data saved in the respective devices' are owners' responsibility.

The app does use third party service, Google Play Store, that may collect information used to identify. These information are used to apply licensing to the app, provide updates, bug fixes and statictics reports such as app crash, number of acquisitions and/or others that are useful for the creators/developers to improve the application.

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Thus, you are advised to review this app's privacy policy after an update periodically for any changes. These changes are effective immediately after the app is update.