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MEDC - M&E Drafter Companion

Type - Web Application

Status - Recoding from MVC to Razor

Reason - Divide and conquer method. Easier to manage and re-enhancing system later.

Availability: Only in Malaysia

Ownership: S&S Engineering Solution

ESOMIS - Employee Share Option Management Information System

Type - Desktop app

Status - Temporary freeze

Reason - Developing to online system.

Availability: Temporary freeze.

Ownership: ISHINDEV Solution - Novels and Poems

Type - Web application

Status - Enhancing in progress.

Reason - [N/A].

Availability: Everywhere as long as there is Internet.

Ownership: Clover 5

Patrol Guard SFC Lite - Patrol Guard Security Fee Collection (Lite)

Type - UWP app

Status - Developing in progress

Reason - A small simple system for those who will guard a small area and to keep track and collect security fees.

Availability: [N/A].

Ownership: ISHINDEV Solution

Stock Inventory Link

Type - Web application

Status - Developing in progress

Reason - A system that allows user to manage and create your stock inventories online.

Availability: [N/A].

Ownership: ISHINDEV Solution