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UWP Applications

FDCalculator is an application that calculates your fixed deposit investment based on formula provided. For each formula there is a short explanation on how your interest is earned...

No longer in store.

This application helps users in calculating how long it will take to clear their credit card and how much interest they will be paying. This application can be used whether you are online/offline.

'JottingDown' is like a notebook where it promotes writing rather than typing, it allows user to write down short notes or copy down what was written on the board during lectures, seminar, etc.The purpose of this Jotting Down is to save trees, reduce the damages of the forest whereas animals are forced to leave their home. Lets go green and love our planet.

MyLoan Calculator shows monthly payment, total interest, and total amount of loan to be paid. The monthly payment is calculated based on standard loan formula. This calculator can be used any where and at any time whether you are online/offline.

PinPenPointMe is an application that acts like a board (whiteboard/blackboard) suitable for discussion, providing instruction, teaching purposes, etc. Take a photo right away and discuss it on site. Import a photo and load it into this application so it can be discuss among friends, students, colleagues, or even in a meeting. Write notes or key points using this application so you don’t have to buy marker pen or trouble in finding a marker pen that has ink during lectures. Go Green with this application.

'HashText For Me' is an application that hashes plain text to unreadable text. The purpose of this application is to aid users who uses hashing function in their job or assignments especially for those who handles back-end data. It is a tool that you can be used it when you need to most.

'QR To Me' is an application that scans and generates QRCode as well. QRCode result scanned depends on the quality of the image that was scan with your device. After QRCode was scanned, the application will execute its action depending on the preferences. It will execute either as text, weblink, call, email, or address to locate the place.

This 'MyMoney Calculator' is to calculate and gives an indication whether the intended amount to reach. Will it affect your daily expenses? The indication is determine by your monthly earnings.

'Downsized Inventory' allow users to add in location where Inventory Item Stocks are sent or received. Users will have to add the Inventory Item details and the available stocks before performing any transactions of stocks being increase or decrease. Transactions are stored under Transaction history so users will able to see the transaction details. The purpose of this app, it is used to keep track items availability on hand.

No longer in store.

'Mini Checklist Lite' is an application that allows user to create multiple checklist for different purpose. For each checklist, user will be able to add items that falls under respective checklist. 'Mini Checklist Lite' is just a simple checklist app to simplify and cater certain needs depending on individuals.

No longer in store.

'Mini StockInventory Lite' is an application that allows user to create multiple categories and each category will have its inventory items. 'Mini StockInventory Lite' is just a simple stock tracking app to simplify and cater certain needs depending on individuals.

No longer in store.

The Wolf of Aruncus is a book app. You can read it even if you do not have any internet connection. If you like the story, please support us at the end of the chapters.

The 'Awakening of the Pearls' is a book app. Hope you enjoy the story.

'Property Rent Lite' is an app that helps you manages your rental. It is to cater specific needs and requirements depending on individuals.

MyBillBook Lite is an application that allows user to create and manage bill books without requiring to buy additional bill book to write. The intention of this app is to save paper. 'My Bill Book System' is just a bill book to simplify and cater certain needs depending on individuals.

'Car Parking Collection MiniSystem' is an application that was developed to keep track how much you have earned out of allowing customers to park at your owned lot.

The 'Rise of the Mystic Lord' is a book app. Hope you enjoy the story.