This application helps users in calculating how long it will take to clear their credit card and how much interest they will be paying. This application can be used whether you are online/offline. [Depending on your preferences for Rounding Only Result, values display in table may vary due to being rounded for display purposes. If you like my development, please consider purchasing my apps and apps to come, hope they will be useful to you. Thank you.]

App Features:

• Calculates how long it will take to clear your debts.
• Show how much interest you will be paying.

Terms of Use:

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The providers, owners and creators of ' CreditCard Calculator' cannot be held responsible for ANY losses, whether direct or indirect, resulting from this software.

The ' CreditCard Calculator' calculates an estimation of how much interest and how long it will take to clear off the balance of the CreditCard without any additional recurring of use. The interest that is calculated may differ due the type of roundings used by banks, and the differing financial policies adopted. 'CreditCard Calculator' does not represent a recommendation, suggestion, advice or consultation.

By downloading ' CreditCard Calculator', you have released and discharged the providers, owners and creators from any and all liability which may arise.

Privacy Policy:

CreditCard Calculator is build as a free app. This app is provided 'As Is'.

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The app does use third party service, Microsoft Store Services, that may collect information used to apply licensing to the app, channel advertisement, provide updates, bug fixes and statictics reports such as app crash, number of acquisitions and/or others that are useful for the creators/developers to improve the application.

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